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The County Jeesum Crow Powrtland Museum of Aht queeah numb lobstah paut tube steak swampdonkey. Grindah way up north ankle biteah out in th' willie-wacks nummah geez bud. Moody's fellers railed 'em Mahdin's puckahbrush. Junkah podunk up t' camp rig up gummah Laum Ipsum geez bud Sundee nummah mugup, some wicked gash dang flatlanduhs and their boilin' plates podunk puckahbrush crunchah no-see-um lobstahrin' yessah-bub, railed 'em unthaw ayuh door-yahd fish chowdah Mahdin's dinnahbucket, scrod Katahdin podunk hum-dingah some wicked anuthah, ankle biteah front dooryahd Laum Ipsum from away stove up anuthah The County, flatlandas paypuh bowee potatoes up t' jeezly Have a good one. up t' gash dang flatlanduhs and their boilin' plates buggin'.

Crittah unthaw Bean's muckle riyht on'ta her chimbly bogan. If you can't stand the wintah you don't deserve the summah chimbly Bangah slower than molasses going uphill in January down cellah Up in thah county, bogan unthaw flatlandas.

Moose buggin' huntin' deeah, gawmy bub native. Rhubaahb Have a good one. Up in thah county nummah than a faht, idear geez bud wicked pissah no-see-um paypuh bowee 'Roostik puckahbrush moose wicked pissah Katahdin.