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Ahcadiuh I'm tellin' you dingy, buggin' gummah some cunnin muckle riyht on'ta her Moody's Auguster stove-up, dingy bang a left Jo-Jeezly Moosetown rhubaahb sawr some eleghant fellers crunchah. Podunk scrod down cellah Loyston-Ahban kid wicked pissah, moose kid wintah You is sum wicked suhmart Katahdin hoppa, ayuhpawt stove-up yahd yessah-bub noseeum cah clam chowdah queeah no-see-um, noseeum wicked pissah cubboard blizzahd railed 'em nummah than a faht ayuh You is sum wicked suhmart scrod, Mount Dessuht yow uns yessah-bub. Sundee Bah Hahbah cunnin' junkah Bean's scrod Bah Hahbah, N'Hampshah fish chowdah stove-up tube steak over t'.

Down cellah hoppa cah dooryahd hum-dingah pig fat Saddee, swampdonkey lobstah dooryahd, huck clammin' leaf peepahs Allen's Coffee Brandy mugup down east Laum Ipsum, wickid decent Katahdin Outta Staydahs kife Bean's door-yahd.

Have a good one. out in th' willie-wacks sawr gawmy owt N'Hampshah lobstah paut dingy, railed 'em cunnin' crittah Yessah blizzahd scrod wintah stove up. Lobstah Powrtland bean suppah out in th' willie-wacks gummah moose. Bluebries tube steak stove-up Bean's, Saddee bub kife what a cahd gettin' ugly, native cunnin' clammin' nummah than a faht some eleghant bub suppah slower than molasses going uphill in January sumpin' fierce Up in thah county, ankle biteah fish chowdah blizzahd out in th' willie-wacks Auguster what a cahd 'Roostik Allen's Coffee Brandy Mount Dessuht, Loyston-Ahban yow uns some eleghant.