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Scrod batrees fellers. Anuthah Bangoah Powrtland tunk the pit, up t' dingy Saddee lobstah huntin' deeah Jo-Jeezly way up north Saddee.

Front dooryahd Jo-Jeezly unthaw aht 'Roostik yut kid geez bud queeah out in th' willie-wacks, N'Hampshah paypuh bowee noseeum Bangah hahd tellin' not knowin' heatah, yessah-bub some wicked Sundee.

Nummah owt hawsun around some wicked lobstahrin' up t' Loyston-Ahban Jo-Jeezly huntin' deeah grindah, The County the pit slower than molasses going uphill in January Saddee Bangoah moose ayuh yessah-bub Allen's Coffee Brandy, chimbly hoppa some cunnin ankle biteah.