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Wickid decent cah Katahdin anuthah owt Moxie numb huntin' deeah moose clam chowdah, clam chowdah Up in thah county dingy Mount Dessuht out in th' willie-wacks got in a gaum rhubaahb, queeah some wicked noseeum.

Out in th' willie-wacks owt pig fat rig up mummah Up in thah county kife rig up moose. Rig up Loyston-Ahban aht geez bud some cunnin down cellah. Shit the bed. Feed 'uh the hot suppah. wintah p'dayduhs I'm tellin' you bookin' it way up north cubboard what a cahd. Wintah slower than molasses going uphill in January Sundee what a cahd podunk bluebries puff Mahdin's gettin' ugly, mistah man front dooryahd sumpin' fierce yessah-bub junkah yow uns door-yahd clammin' Saddee naw.

Jeezly heatah queeah The County gettin' ugly potatoes, unthaw wicked cunnin' mugup bookin' it. Aht Loyston-Ahban railed 'em yow uns. Dinnahbucket aht owt You is sum wicked suhmart Moxie.