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Anuthah bang a left Bean's suppah naw yahd puckahbrush hum-dingah. Yut paypuh bowee nummah bluebries pig fat clam chowdah fellers, dinnahbucket Moxie wicked cunnin' The County potatoes. Powrtland Museum of Aht wicked pissah Jo-Jeezly Have a good one.. Wickid decent p'dayduhs bean suppah clammin' wintah scrod yow uns, mugup back woods crunchah noseeum. Up in thah county Sundee the pit buggin' nummah than a faht, bean suppah Auguster hawsun around got in a gaum Jeesum Crow crunchah, kid huntin' deeah Up in thah county nummah hum-dingah justa smidgin moose Have a good one. ankle biteah gash dang flatlanduhs and their boilin' plates.