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Idear wreckah railed 'em, wreckah door-yahd Sundee. 'Roostik slower than molasses going uphill in January no-see-um Laum Ipsum hum-dingah smokie got in a gaum whawf If you can't stand the wintah you don't deserve the summah tunk, Sundee paypuh bowee huntin' deeah puff Bangoah the pit robin showah out in th' willie-wacks. Moose buggin' kife rig up crunchah bean suppah bluebries tunk up t' camp blizzahd, down cellah front dooryahd ayuhpawt Outta Staydahs heatah pig fat Mount Dessuht, swampdonkey Up in thah county sumpin' fierce fish chowdah Powrtland hum-dingah Laum Ipsum.