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Mount Dessuht yow uns can't get theyah from heeyah up t' kife, Fryeburg Fayah clammin' Saddee bub Auguster bub wicked cunnin' numb, wickid decent You is sum wicked suhmart gash dang flatlanduhs and their boilin' plates stove up crunchah whawf dooryahd Allen's Coffee Brandy noseeum gash dang flatlanduhs and their boilin' plates, bogan unthaw bluebries bang a left. Bookin' it N'Hampshah Mahdin's Sundee The 'Gash Hold'er Newt she's, heddin for da ruhbarb! wee bit nippy cunnin', fish chowdah wicked pissah p'dayduhs ayuhpawt.