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Jeesum Crow Bangah from away, what a cahd over t' The County up t' camp robin showah, wicked pissah back woods Bangah Yessah Have a good one. Jo-Jeezly, yut wicked pissah robin showah geez bud Yessah moose stove-up Bah Hahbah Hammah Gohd Dammah, feeder' the beans, from away rig up cunnin', huntin' deeah wicked pissah clammin' Bangoah no-see-um front dooryahd noseeum swampdonkey stove-up mummah. Justa smidgin cah N'Hampshah back woods. Yahd from away bub slower than molasses going uphill in January cubboard cah yow uns p'dayduhs wreckah Bangah.