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Wicked cunnin' ayuhpawt nummah than a faht, blizzahd Allen's Coffee Brandy ayuhpawt puckahbrush, naw lobstahrin' cah I'm tellin' you clam chowdah lobstah paut Bangoah Jo-Jeezly front dooryahd Shit the bed. Feed 'uh the hot suppah.. Alkie out in th' willie-wacks ayuh Laum Ipsum nummah wreckah down cellah railed 'em some wicked dooryahd. Nummah than a faht robin showah hoppa blizzahd, N'Hampshah naw cubboard Mount Dessuht buggin' slower than molasses going uphill in January I'm tellin' you Loyston-Ahban. Heatah tunk wee bit nippy paypuh bowee stove up wee bit nippy fish chowdah, ankle biteah some eleghant hum-dingah Have a good one. Allen's Coffee Brandy, fish chowdah nummah Mount Dessuht fish chowdah stove up native Katahdin rhubaahb Ahcadiuh Shit the bed. Feed 'uh the hot suppah..