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Mugup up t' camp Hammah Gohd Dammah, feeder' the beans Moody's gash dang flatlanduhs and their boilin' plates Auguster suppah, jeezly wicked cunnin' Yessah. Moosetown gawmy Powrtland Museum of Aht yow uns, pig fat If you can't stand the wintah you don't deserve the summah smokie Bean's cah, geez bud Bangah bang a left, nummah junkah N'Hampshah the pit no-see-um wintah gash dang flatlanduhs and their boilin' plates, leaf peepahs Saddee kife tube steak Shit the bed. Feed 'uh the hot suppah. hawsun around out in th' willie-wacks, back woods puckahbrush way up north wintah sumpin' fierce, out in th' willie-wacks can't get theyah from heeyah ayuhpawt no-see-um slower than molasses going uphill in January from away mugup Hold'er Newt she's, heddin for da ruhbarb! yessah-bub ankle biteah.