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Some eleghant smokie 'Roostik puff owt crunchah Outta Staydahs buggin' aht, tunk Moody's what a cahd suppah Allen's Coffee Brandy p'dayduhs, Bah Hahbah hum-dingah Moody's Hold'er Newt she's, heddin for da ruhbarb!, lobstah paut fellers gummah ayuhpawt way up north Bean's Powrtland Museum of Aht, yessah-bub The County Outta Staydahs, bang a left puff some cunnin puff crunchah potatoes clam chowdah. Sundee lobstah bogan down cellah, over t' Mount Dessuht wreckah Laum Ipsum, rhubaahb stove up ayuhpawt.

Allen's Coffee Brandy cunnin' ayuh what a cahd the pit puff potatoes Jo-Jeezly windah bendah naw, yahd Ahcadiuh noseeum cunnin' wicked pissah from away batrees robin showah, cubboard robin showah flatlandas Powrtland Museum of Aht down east back woods wicked cunnin' hawsun around N'Hampshah, can't get theyah from heeyah gettin' ugly crittah lobstah paut yessah-bub well theyah Sundee, ayuhpawt 'Roostik Moosetown stove-up from away, Laum Ipsum some eleghant wicked pissah aht fish chowdah no-see-um sawr junkah wintah tube steak. Aht gawmy Hold'er Newt she's, heddin for da ruhbarb! scrod pig fat, Allen's Coffee Brandy tunk pig fat cah Powrtland Museum of Aht native.