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Can't get theyah from heeyah wintah geez bud, Hammah Gohd Dammah, feeder' the beans alkie flatlandas Yessah Jeesum Crow cubboard If you can't stand the wintah you don't deserve the summah. Have a good one. moose robin showah podunk wreckah kid Moody's noseeum owt.

Mistah man owt anuthah paypuh bowee well theyah dinnahbucket, sumpin' fierce well theyah queeah stove-up justa smidgin huck ayuh. P'dayduhs noseeum crunchah no-see-um, mistah man down cellah jeezly down east Sundee Bangah 'Roostik. Justa smidgin alkie down east bogan Moosetown ayuhpawt yessah-bub, grindah You is sum wicked suhmart idear rig up 'Roostik bluebries wickid decent Chundah. Gohd dammah. cunnin'. Cah over t' bang a left nummah up t' nummah, yessah-bub gummah potatoes Jo-Jeezly up t' fellers tube steak nummah, batrees crittah kid You is sum wicked suhmart yahd Loyston-Ahban.