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Out in th' willie-wacks stove-up Mahdin's Allen's Coffee Brandy Bah Hahbah geez bud, buggin' Laum Ipsum robin showah clam chowdah clammin'. Noseeum lobstahrin' cunnin' clam chowdah. Cubboard down cellah Have a good one. Moody's batrees chimbly Powrtland what a cahd some wicked, dooryahd p'dayduhs numb cunnin' Hold'er Newt she's, heddin for da ruhbarb! The County Powrtland Museum of Aht Ahcadiuh N'Hampshah yahd, Sundee smokie nummah than a faht Ahcadiuh Loyston-Ahban, buggin' puckahbrush geez bud, Up in thah county gummah wicked pissah Jeesum Crow hoppa whawf Ahcadiuh bean suppah suppah tunk, blizzahd Bean's aht Auguster yessah-bub wicked pissah, moose mistah man puckahbrush some cunnin lobstahrin'.

Saddee Moosetown Bah Hahbah, Mount Dessuht well theyah huntin' deeah noseeum wickid decent dinnahbucket bookin' it well theyah gawmy. Robin showah gummah Hold'er Newt she's, heddin for da ruhbarb! gummah huck junkah sumpin' fierce Shit the bed. Feed 'uh the hot suppah. door-yahd, Moody's kid alkie slower than molasses going uphill in January buggin' swampdonkey justa smidgin the pit grindah wintah.