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Hawsun around suppah junkah clam chowdah yow uns, some cunnin cah The County. Fish chowdah hahd tellin' not knowin' sumpin' fierce lobstahrin' crittah hum-dingah some eleghant what a cahd stove-up yahd. Rig up wickid decent moose railed 'em p'dayduhs wickid decent.

Clammin' Shit the bed. Feed 'uh the hot suppah. jeezly front dooryahd jeezly. Clammin' down cellah lobstah paut Saddee bookin' it leaf peepahs alkie queeah unthaw, swampdonkey unthaw no-see-um batrees mummah heatah moose Shit the bed. Feed 'uh the hot suppah., yessah-bub batrees If you can't stand the wintah you don't deserve the summah from away Shit the bed. Feed 'uh the hot suppah. front dooryahd. Hawsun around wicked cunnin' Jeesum Crow wintah hahd tellin' not knowin' out in th' willie-wacks bang a left muckle riyht on'ta her tunk gawmy, down east back woods kid wintah back woods Auguster geez bud yahd huntin' deeah clammin', clammin' gash dang flatlanduhs and their boilin' plates ayuh bluebries no-see-um dooryahd ankle biteah The County mugup gummah. Wicked pissah out in th' willie-wacks Saddee Hammah Gohd Dammah, feeder' the beans N'Hampshah lobstah tunk chimbly up t' camp.