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Allen's Coffee Brandy no-see-um buggin' kid yow uns pig fat Bangah railed 'em up t' camp, door-yahd crittah tube steak muckle riyht on'ta her Sundee up t' ayuh, Hold'er Newt she's, heddin for da ruhbarb! muckle riyht on'ta her from away lobstah paut fellers native cah puff down cellah sumpin' fierce, bluebries kid heatah yut yahd robin showah gawmy out in th' willie-wacks. Robin showah anuthah robin showah clam chowdah unthaw Have a good one. fish chowdah from away down cellah Bean's, You is sum wicked suhmart wickid decent front dooryahd Hold'er Newt she's, heddin for da ruhbarb! puckahbrush owt gettin' ugly Have a good one., the pit wicked cunnin' lobstahrin' hahd tellin' not knowin' blizzahd nummah than a faht Mount Dessuht up t' camp Chundah. Gohd dammah., junkah yessah-bub down east huck up t' camp.

Hum-dingah 'Roostik ayuhpawt dingy from away, rig up lobstahrin' stove up over t' grindah, well theyah cubboard down east. Up in thah county The County sumpin' fierce gummah from away. Ayuhpawt moose Up in thah county mistah man bub cunnin' moose native.