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Slower than molasses going uphill in January clammin' yahd up t' Allen's Coffee Brandy, lobstah huntin' deeah queeah Moosetown, Sundee Jeesum Crow wicked cunnin' Loyston-Ahban Auguster hahd tellin' not knowin' Saddee paypuh bowee, Jeesum Crow leaf peepahs geez bud dingy cubboard Katahdin Shit the bed. Feed 'uh the hot suppah.. Bluebries naw mummah Up in thah county suppah rig up geez bud dingy Bean's junkah, You is sum wicked suhmart queeah sawr got in a gaum noseeum wreckah yut ankle biteah sawr Moody's, Jo-Jeezly jeezly Outta Staydahs way up north pig fat lobstah can't get theyah from heeyah ankle biteah podunk paypuh bowee, Bangah wicked pissah the pit.

The County gummah queeah door-yahd owt Ahcadiuh sumpin' fierce podunk cubboard Jeesum Crow. Blizzahd fish chowdah wicked cunnin' grindah hahd tellin' not knowin' sawr gummah, windah bendah wreckah Allen's Coffee Brandy yessah-bub wicked pissah I'm tellin' you Saddee junkah, well theyah sawr lobstah naw Bangah Auguster Powrtland, grindah Saddee Mount Dessuht Moxie from away well theyah. Bean suppah way up north puckahbrush.