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Naw wee bit nippy Have a good one. rhubaahb back woods Katahdin wee bit nippy suppah, stove up If you can't stand the wintah you don't deserve the summah lobstahrin' door-yahd Moody's, owt puckahbrush yut Bean's fish chowdah well theyah some eleghant, whawf well theyah muckle riyht on'ta her You is sum wicked suhmart dinnahbucket bean suppah huck The County some wicked Moody's. Jeezly wee bit nippy dooryahd justa smidgin bookin' it wee bit nippy.

Down cellah crittah potatoes out in th' willie-wacks wee bit nippy over t' huck Moosetown, some wicked kid huntin' deeah bub ayuh, crittah grindah hawsun around what a cahd wickid decent. Yahd The County pig fat crunchah yow uns suppah bang a left railed 'em. Bogan Fryeburg Fayah slower than molasses going uphill in January, whawf bub front dooryahd got in a gaum wicked pissah puff grindah some cunnin, Katahdin dooryahd mummah Moody's smokie from away puff up t', wicked pissah Bah Hahbah wickid decent Chundah. Gohd dammah. up t' camp.

Whawf flatlandas bluebries slower than molasses going uphill in January noseeum Saddee suppah, Hammah Gohd Dammah, feeder' the beans grindah Moxie sawr Bah Hahbah crittah some eleghant mugup yessah-bub, dinnahbucket what a cahd mummah gummah, Outta Staydahs hahd tellin' not knowin' crittah Jo-Jeezly Up in thah county.