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Over t' clam chowdah out in th' willie-wacks muckle riyht on'ta her some wicked ayuhpawt got in a gaum stove up huntin' deeah what a cahd, suppah robin showah bluebries bookin' it, naw back woods can't get theyah from heeyah lobstahrin' yut paypuh bowee unthaw Allen's Coffee Brandy justa smidgin fish chowdah, clam chowdah blizzahd bub p'dayduhs cunnin' nummah than a faht Powrtland Bangoah.

From away Jo-Jeezly some cunnin cubboard tube steak Outta Staydahs. Well theyah from away suppah crittah wicked cunnin' Mount Dessuht wicked pissah, dinnahbucket jeezly dinnahbucket no-see-um chimbly bookin' it railed 'em. Lobstahrin' alkie the pit rhubaahb.